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Finishing Technology’s Anodizing Capabilities
Acid Etch

Acid etch is the chemical process for removing the silicon rich surface of an aluminum die cast to helps produce a more uniform, leveled surface before subsequent chemical treatments like anodizing. During this process the surface imperfections such as extrusion lines and scratches are smoothed out, producing a more uniform appearance that can range from a bright, shiny aluminum surface to a more matte, satin finish.

The Acid Etch process includes:

  • An alkaline clean – especially if machining oil or other heavy soils are present
  • Acid etch
  • Hot deionized water rinse
  • Drying

The benefits of Acid Etch include:

  • Residue-free surface
  • Minimized surface irregularities on hard-to-treat aluminum die castings
  • More uniform appearance for greater aesthetic appeal
  • Improved ability to accept anodize colors
  • Increased the effectiveness of subsequent chemical treatments on the aluminum castings

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