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4510 Muhlhauser Rd.
Hamilton OH 45011
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We provide a comprehensive line-up of specialty chemical products for your mass finishing needs. To ensure high quality, we blend our own proprietary formulas on-site and then ship directly to our customers in drums, tote bins or tankwagons.
The Finishing Technology manufacturing facility was specifically designed and built for the specialty chemical industry. Currently, we transport millions of pounds of product each year all across the United States.

Quality Products...On-time Deliveries...Technical Support

Finishing Technology Adds Custom Packaging to its Service Capabilities

Known for its ability to continually evolve services to better meet the needs of its customers, Finishing Technology is now offering a broader variety of custom packaging and blending services.

Finishing Technology’s expanded custom packaging and blending services include:

  • Trans-loading tank trucks into 55 gallon drums and totes
  • Blending
  • Labeling
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping

“We’re already performing these services for several of our customers. In the past, our experienced team handled these types of services for our chemical customers, and now we’ve expanded this capability to meet all the custom packaging and blending needs of other customers,” says Fred Warmbier, President of Finishing Technology. “To meet their growing need for these services, we added dedicated space in our warehouse to provide more trans-loading, blending, labeling, storage and shipping services as well.”

Our Products

Multi Kleen™
  • Alkaline, acidic and neutral cleaners suitable for high temp or low temp spray wash and immersion processes
  • Includes: High pH, low pH, neutral, zero VOC’s and multi-metal cleaning

Pro Add™

  • Highly concentrated, specialty additives used with cleaners or phosphates (or independently) for cleaning, defoaming, pH adjustment and waste treatment
  • Includes: Detergents, solvents, defoamers, pH adjusters, rust inhibiting, odor control, rinse aid and etchant

Multi Phos™

  • Zinc/iron phosphates for spray, immersion and rotating barrel systems which create a coating on metal substrates to improve adhesion and undercoat corrosion resistance for painting and powder coating processes
  • Includes: High/low temperature, single/multi-accelerated, light/heavy coating


  • Metalworking fluids used in machining, grinding, cutting and lathe operations
  • Includes: Synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil coolants and lubricants

Custom Packaging

  • Trans-loading tank trucks into 55 gallon drums and totes
  • Blending
  • Labeling
  • Warehousing
  • Shipping
Pro Seal™
  • Sealants for extended salt spray, improved adhesion and flash rust protection
  • Includes: Acidic/alkaline non-chrome formulas

Pro Brite™

  • Highly concentrated aluminum brighteners used in spray washers to remove scale
  • Includes: Laser scale (on-line) and washer de-scale

Pro Tec™

  • Corrosion preventatives used in spray and immersion applications to provide medium to long-term protections
  • Includes: Emulsion, low-heat and multi-heat

Clean All™

  • All-purpose industrial cleaners for foaming machines, high pressure steam jennies, floor scrubbers and general purpose equipment to remove light to heavy soils from most surfaces
  • Includes: High pH, neutral, VOC’s and no VOC’s
  • Also available with containerless delivery service

Private Label Chemical Blending

  • Custom blending and labeling capabilities
  • Packaging includes drums, tote bins or tankwagons

VBS Compounds™

For over three decades, we’ve created many proprietary “VBS Compounds” which are specially formulated to offer only the “VERY BEST SOLUTIONS” to meet all of your needs.  This includes over 300 products which include finishing compounds for all types of metals; burnishing compounds, degreasers, washing compounds, cleaning compounds and chemicals for black oxide systems.

By manufacturing our own products, we can custom blend compounds specifically formulated to compliment your application and do so cost effectively. Plus, our ISO 9002 aligned manufacturing system and trained staff ensure we can supply unsurpassed quality across our compounds. 

Here’s a sample of these types of compounds:

High Alkaline Cleaners - We have developed a variety of liquid and powder alkaline compounds designed for use on ferrous parts in vibratory deburring and barrel tumbling operations, where light to heavy duty cleaning is required. Our alkaline cleaners are designed to be compatible with any type of media, whether it be ceramic, plastic, or steel and are often used to provide “between process” rust protection.

Acidic Burnishers – To meet a wide spectrum of specifications, our family of burnishers can deliver against a wide range from light to heavy cleaning/brightening requirements, and can be used on any nonferrous alloy. In some applications, they can also be used on ferrous alloys. Because of the many ways burnishing is achieved, we have specifically designed some of our burnishers to be used with stainless steel, carbon steel, porcelain, sintered bauxite and plastic media. We have also formulated burnishers to meet more specific needs such as “cleaner” products that help facilitate the rolling and feeding of steel media.

Mild Alkaline Cleaners - In vibratory applications where nonferrous parts need to be deburred and white rust is a concern, our mild alkaline cleaners can solve these challenges.  When you face other ferrous applications where rust is not a concern, our mild alkaline compounds are an excellent solution, too.  Plus, these products can be used in combination with either ceramic or plastic medias.

Corrosion Inhibitors – Our versatile corrosion inhibitors were created for use in simple dip tanks, low and high pressure spray-on applications and even vibratory operations. These specialty inhibitors will provide full coverage against white or red rust; and depending on the application, they can deliver operating concentration ranges from 5-20%, by volume. In a humidity cabinet (120ºF and 90% R.H.), our inhibitors will provide at least 100 hours protection.

Parts Washing Compounds - We have designed parts washing compounds for many different applications including ferrous and nonferrous, light duty to heavy duty cleaning, low and high temperature, high pressure spray systems, aerated and/or agitated tank systems, and ultra-sonic cleaning. The corrosion protection that’s achieved with any of these compounds is generally 2-4 weeks at 5%, by volume, assuming completely dry parts from the process.

Degreasers - Unlike other degreasers, this product can be used in spray bottles, in mop and bucket applications, and in floor scrubbers. It is safe on most surfaces including wood, concrete, paint, metal, etc., and can effectively clean surfaces at dilutions ranging from 1 ounce per gallon to 5 ounces per gallon, depending on customer requirements

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